Who we are

(DSD) is an organization for Consultancy Services on
Agricultural, Livestock was established in Sri Lanka, It collects
data and consults with farmers to help them to get optimal
output and navigate complex and changing as per the
environmental regulations.

We help Coconut Growers optimize soil fertility, identify
and control pests, and manage the land to minimize
erosion and nutrient losses in its Land. In addition to DSD
help Dairy, Goat, Sheep, and Pig Farmers to get optimal
productivity from own farming. Recently started DSD Agri
Link Services Broker unit, as a part of the company, helps to
small scale by product producers to find fresh nuts from the
coconut Development Authority market at Colombo. DSD
believes in farming, science-based decision-making, and
that each of us makes a difference for farmers today and
for future generations.

srilankan coconut

Is DSD for you?

If you answered no, to any of these questions, contact DSD Agri link services. We’ll show you, how can we become your partner in profitability.

coconut and crop

Are you getting maximum yields from all areas of each Agricultural field specially coconut Land and Livestock unit or lack of time to monitor and manage your coconut estate?

Question 01

Are you using Agriculture and Livestock inputs in the most cost-effective and efficient manner?

Question 02

Are you comfortable with the size of your Agri-business?

Question 03

Are you using the most advanced technologies for your Agri-Business to gather critical data about your farms to reduce cost of production and get maximum price at farm gate?

Question 04

Are you comfortable with finding coconut for your business?

Question 05

We Can Help - You Manage

Are you resisting of getting advance Knowledge an assistant to manage your plantation or Livestock unit, due to difficulties in hiring qualified people in Sri Lanka? (DSD) Agricultural Consulting Services professionals can manage many of the day-to-day tasks that can be burdensome on larger operations. Here are some of the services we offer:

agri consultation services
  • Farm designing and assisting in the preparation of estimates for Bank loans.
  • Recommendations of under plantation in your preset plantation, sil analysis, and pest management on coconut plantation by analyzing existing data.
  • Helping to establish new planting of coconut lands with all agronomic practices.
  • Guiding for Modern cultural Practices on coconut land for Soil conservation and moisture conservation and Fertilizer recommendation.
  • Supplying coconut seedlings and Rubber plants.
  • Helping management of poultry, Goats, sheep, and farming with a helping hand with Uniform-Agri management software from the Netherlands.
  • Helping to Manage and increase the productivity of coconut lands.
  • Managing the coconut lands of those who live abroad.
  • Helping to Preparation of accounting, and Taxation to prevent any irregularities.
  • Working as a registered coconut broker.
  • Any other matters pertaining to our area of expertise.

Contact Us We Are Here to Support

If you have any clarifications regarding coconut plantation, livestock management, and any other related services from our company, Make sure to send your inquiry to us. we are here to guide you with smart and new agricultural solutions. We will contact all the inquiries and share our support.

Our Vision is to be the best Agriculture, Livestock consultancy, and coconut Brokering services provider in Sri Lanka.

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077-3782149 | 033-2310145


No -11/2 Swarnajayanthi Mawatha, Walawwaththa, Meerigama.

Postal Code: 11200

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