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DSD is providing livestock management and ruminant nutrition consultancy services. Especially for Dairy Management, Basically DSD is bringing you to reduce age at first calving and Calving interval, Whether you have a problem that needs fixing or simply wish to improve your productivity and profitability of livestock enterprise, we can help you.

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Our goal is to help you to grow your business, improve operations and increase returns by providing up-to-date, informed independent advice based on a deep understanding of farm operations. DSD is the local Agent for UNIFORM AGRI software in sri Lanka UNIFORM –Agri offers a multi herd version of its program. This has been designed as a solution for consultants in Dairy industry.

UNIFORM’S consultant software allows you to manage data from different farms at the same time. It provides you with a complete management program, which does not only get the data record and daily management of the farms. But you can also use its powerful analysis tools to make decisions.

Additionally, you can make countless combinations of data imported from other systems and export reports in different formats to show performance and results to your customers. Not only Dairy, DSD provide all the necessary advice for Sheep, Goat,Chicken, Piggery on Latest Management know-how.

Rising dietary protein intake in addition to increasing concerns for animal welfare present serious challenges for livestock farmers.

The food systems Livestock of Sri Lanka require transformation. Emerging technological innovations have the potential to overcome the structural weaknesses of current agricultural Livestock systems and deliver a more productive, competitive, and sustainable outcome, using a more precise and resource-efficient approach.

The expectations are high that smart farming will not only optimize the production output and focus on preservation of scarce resources, but it will also address issues of climate change, labor scarcity, and post-harvest losses that affect the whole value chain, from planting to harvesting and distribution, while eliminating hunger.

More research and development need to be carried out to improve the use of modern technologies in the agriculture Livestock sector DSD involvement in technology R&D should be strengthened through collaboration with local universities and research organizations as well as foreign institutions.

Lower resource endowments of smallholder farmers, such as lack of capital and other resources, and poor access to markets and institutions, including extension services, may affect and put them at a disadvantage in reaping the benefits associated with technological innovations in agriculture. DSD will implement a different approach for such farmers in facilitating this transformation. DSD will try to get Government support to reduce the costs of technology by using different management and incentive schemes, such as shared platforms, financing schemes, and subsidized services. Farmer participation in technology usage can also be strengthened through contract farming systems.

Additionally, the ability to use digital technologies in agriculture depends not only on access to basic infrastructure connectivity but also on the development of data collection and analysis services, as well as on the regulatory environment.

Our Vision is to be the best Agriculture, Livestock consultancy, and coconut Brokering services provider in Sri Lanka.

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